A service is only as good as the feedback. At BBE Law we take what our customers say very seriously and are always aiming to improve what we do if we possibly can. To us, customer service is an integral part of the service we provide. As a firm of solicitors we know that often we are dealing with people as they experience stressful situations and we do our best to simplify the process wherever possible.

There was a time when the legal profession cloaked itself in legal jargon which became impenetrable to the average person in the street. At BBE Law we do not see this as promoting practical working relationships so we were delighted to receive this comment from Miss H:

“The written communication is easy to understand and in plain English, no legal jargon”

In addition we know that a local firm of solicitors should place themselves in the heart of any community. After all, there are many times when the services of a solicitor will be required. It may be to draw up a pre-nuptial agreement, buy or sell a home, set up trusts, settle divorces, resolve probate issues, make a will and so on. Therefore we pride ourselves on keeping many of our clients and being there for them year after year. Mr and Mrs K told us:

“We have used your firm for 34 years and have never had a problem”

While Mr and Mr R said:

“We have used Barker Booth & Eastwood for over 20 years in all our dealings and I can recommend the service without hesitation”

We know we are providing a good level of service when we see familiar faces at our offices and it makes the work so much easier when you have a steady relationship to begin with.

We try to go beyond what might be naturally expected and are pleased that
Mr S – told others we are:

“Totally pro in their business. The whole account was fairly explained and treated accordingly and honestly”.

This is important. Not only are we professional, efficient and transparent but we aim to assist at difficult times too as Miss M succinctly wrote:

“Everything you could ask for at a very stressful time”

But don’t just take what our customers’ words for it – contact us today to see how we can help you.