No Hidden Costs

You know when something seems too good to be true? Well, it probably is. Therefore unlike many Law firms who advertise initial attractive pricing to lure clients, BBE Law has nothing to hide in terms of our pricing and payment packages. That is a promise.

Part of BBE Law’s operational philosophy is to have no hidden costs. We believe strongly in transparency. In addition we have a keen understanding of just how tough the economic climate is at present. Therefore we have made every effort to structure our charges so they are extremely competitively priced, not only across the North West but in the rest of the UK too.

When you choose BBE Law you know our services will include not just highly experienced and knowledgeable advice but that you will not pay a penny more than is strictly necessary. Why not make a price comparison and see just how attractive BBE Law’s no hidden cost packages are, whatever your legal requirements.

We are convinced that by maintaining lower costs we can reach out into the community and assist a much wider number of people. In addition, cuts in legal aid announced this year mean we have a moral obligation to be there for those most in need. At present there are 1600 legal aid firms but that figure is set to be cut drastically in the not too distant future.

At BBE Law we believe the future involves providing a top quality service while finding the most cost-effective solution to deliver every time. Diversity, transparency and efficiency are important to every one of us in this practice. So we are delighted with our no-win no-fee scheme which has been introduced to cover a number of the products available through BBE Law. This is a reassuring development as it means potential claimants are not dissuaded because of the risk of paying high legal costs. We believe strongly that everyone has a right to justice and that this does not require a blank cheque.

With this in mind, put what you already think you know about legal costs to the back of your mind. When you make the decision to appoint BBE Law you will be charged only the very best and most competitive rates.

You will not face hidden costs and we make it our policy to explain everything. We do this on our first consultation. All terms and fees will be explained carefully and clearly at this initial meeting. Should there be any change then any increase or additional cost will be discussed with you before it is applied.

Contact us today and see just what BBE Law’s no hidden costs policy can do for you.