Guide to Finding a Solicitor

There was a time when a guide to finding a solicitor was virtually non-existent. In fact, it could prove to be quite a minefield to find a reputable one. We have all seen high profile media cases where solicitors have been less than squeaky clean in their dealings with clients.

Inevitably the public is suspicious as they need to rely on those who have expertise in something they often know little about. In addition many legal processes come at stressful times. Even those who have bought and sold houses can tell horror stories of the stress conveyancing can cause.

However, technology has come to the rescue and now it is easy to access a guide which will make finding a solicitor so much more convenient and transparent. Gone are the days where one might rely on word of mouth or simply choose a local firm of solicitors who had been present in the community for years. Clients now have access to a wealth of information that makes choosing a solicitor a much more straightforward process. However, word of mouth is still a powerful guide to finding a solicitor and BBE Law takes their customer service very seriously.

Solicitors now have their own websites which will guide you through the process of finding a suitable one to deal with your particular need. Many initial questions can be answered before you even have an initial consultation and every effort is often made to ensure the information is in clear English. In fact you may well want to look at one of many online directories which list solicitors if you wish to compare a few in the local area or further afield.

As a guide to finding a solicitor it is worth bearing in mind each practice has different areas of expertise and this should be part of your search criterion. For example at BBE Law we specialise in:

  • Personal injury
  • Conveyancing
  • Employment
  • Litigation
  • Family law
  • Wills and probate.

Therefore we are likely to have members of our team to assist you in most areas and we will be happy to do so. Certainly we want you to understand the nature of your legal claim or problem before you actually instruct a solicitor. Our philosophy is that should you approach us for assistance we will do our very best to ensure you have all the information, costs and expectations to hand at the initial consultation.

Our guide to finding a solicitor is covered by this website. You will find everything you need to know about who we are, what we do and where you can find us.

BBE Law look forward to assisting you in your search for a solicitor. Please click here to see what people are saying about us.